WDS 76 MD Stulp window

Size 1955x2195 mm
PVC profile system WDS 76 MD
Frame lamination Black matte (L174001)
Sash lamination Woodec Turner oak toffee (L176001)
Glazing unit 4-14-4-14-4 (40 mm)
Uf = 1.2 W/m2K
Air permeability
up to class 4
Water tightness
up to class 8A
Resistance to wind load
up to class C2/B3

WDS 76 MD is a new flagship technology solution for those looking for superior quality

mm mounting width
mm glazing unit thickness
gasket contours
Closed reinforcement in frame and in mullion

WDS 76 MD is a state-of-the-art system built on almost two decades of MIROPLAST’s excellence and the entire window industry’s experience.


European standard
of energy efficiency

WDS 76 MD windows have a thermal transmittance (Uw) of 0.79 W/m²K, which is 28% above the 70-mm systems’ average level.



The system is compatible with 48-mm glazing units with optional Triplex glass (6–8 mm) on one or both sides to ensure soundproofing of up to 50 dB.


Tight sealing

Three-level sealing reliably protects from drafts, dust, and dirt particles and ensures maximum classes of air permeability and water tightness.


Large, secure,
and durable

Durable glazing units with thick, tempered or Triplex glass are an especially crucial element for panoramic windows. With reliable closed reinforcement, large-area fenestration no longer requires additional separators.

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