Searching for silence? WDS windows will protect your home from the street noise.
Taking into account the peculiarities of sound waves extension, we respond even to 5 dB difference of noise levels in the street or inside the house. For calm repose the noise level shouldn’t exceed 30-40 dB, which is considered to be silence.

The soundproofing technology by means of windows is quite simple: the important role is played by the quantity of air chambers in the profile and glass unit, which can be installed. Therefore, in order to protect Your home comfort from redundant noise, WDS brand suggests to install windows, which consist of 6 chambered profile WDS 8 SERIES or WDS 7 SERIES and double-glazed unit with the width 32, 40 or 44 mm.

This configuration will allow isolating the apartment from excessive sounds at most.

In accordance with the researches and tests*, which were carried out, it was verified that, for example, WDS 8 SERIES profile system together with double-glazed 44 mm unit lowers the noise level in the apartment to 37 dB. Find your comfort level (link for the goods)

Experts recommend WDS windows! Calculate WDS window in the salon and enjoy your home silence!

*tests were conducted by State enterprise “The Kriviy Rig scientific and production center of standardization, metrology and certification “Krivbassstandartmetrology”

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